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Error syncing new notebooks

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I do not seem to be able to sync any newly created notebooks without the exclamation mark appearing on the sync logo and the message box stating that Sync failed due to unexpected behavior at client side. New notes are syncing if they are moved to an existing notebook and the exclamation mark only disappears if I delete the newly created notebook. Any ideas?

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Have you

  1. hit the upload or notebook limit
  2. included notebook names with odd characters that might be invalid
  3. cleared the trash notebook on your desktop and the web
  4. checked for a "conflicting changes" notebook and fixed them 
  5. tried Revo uninstalling and clean reinstalling the desktop client
  6. checked in the forums for the "export unsynced notes and change the database file name" details
  7. raised a support ticket

Other than that,  no idea at all...

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