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Suggested feature: Sort tags by popularity


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If I could sort tags by the number of notes used rather than alphabetically, that would be very useful.


I have over 11,000 notes in Evernote.  To keep these organized I have, over the years, set up over 60 folders and over 400 tags,.


This has gotten very unwieldy. I would like to have fewer folders.  And use the tabs for major segregation.


The problem is that tabs are shown alphabetically.  So when I want to tag something I have written with "writing" it is way down the list.


I use the Momo Note app for a lot of my shorter notes, and this app does allow the most used tabs to be at the top of the list.  


Seems like this would not be a very difficult improvement to implement.







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Hi.  Me again   :) .


In Evernote.Mac, when viewing the Tags container (by clicking "Tags" in the Sidebar), there are are two sort options shown in the top margin: Name, and Note Count.  Note Count should match what you mean by "popularity".  Is that not present in Evernote.Windows?  Are you using Premium?


Screenshot (Evernote.Mac):


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