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Feature request: notability-like note-taking



I recently downloaded Notability from AppStore, and I noticed that it's a very powerful tool for note-taking.

I wonder, could it be possible to integrate the handwriting Penultimate feature in order to get a fully powered note-taking Evernote app? Typing is so simple, but, for example, I'd usually need to take sketches or handwritten notes because I'm in a hurry.

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Well yes and no! To some extent I completely agree. Taken too far tough and an application can become a behemoth where users are stuck having to navigate around features they never use and which clutter the interface and take up storage. You have to strike a fine balance.

That being said, I think Hello-like features and in-note handwriting compliment core functionality without adding immense weight. Food, I think, is the opposite. I hope Food is never integrated into the core application (full disclosure: while I do store recipes in Evernote, I do not find Food to be a useful application). I think that integratin it would compromise what Food is capable of as well as add bloat to the core app for many users, thus making nobody happy!

Of course that is my opinion, biased as it is by my own preferences as well as my ignorance about what Evernote's plans are!

Nevertheless I agree. The more hat can be accomplished in one application, the better, so long as it isn't at the expense of ease-of-use and performance!

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Yeah, I think so, too. I sincerely forgot about Evernote peek! I used it twice then deleted it, no sense for me.. I don't study that way EN wanna u to do that. This being said, I hope handwriting capabilities to be implemented in the iPhone app at least.. If I don't own an iPad, I cannot use Penultimate tools, it's quite unfair...

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Are you asking for the ability to mix hand written and typed notes together? 


Since this has occurred on the Android client, I am wondering if some similar capability will eventually (Key word is eventually) make its way over to iOS. We'll have to wait and see. 

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We'll see what the future holds. Evernote has a bit of a hurdle because integrating handwriting into the Evernote client would, in my opinion, render Penultimate somewhat redundant. At the same time, not integrating handwriting into the Evernote client simply for the sake of keeping penultimate relevant seems silly too. This wasn't an issue for Android since they never had penultimate! We'll have to see how Evernote deals with this as time goes on. 

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I never said it couldn't. I just said that it is a decision that would have to be made carefully. Penultimate is a pretty big product to cease development on, certainly much bigger than Hello, so to choose to do so is not a trivial matter. I'm definitely not saying it can't, or that they won't do it. Indeed they very well could deprecate Penultimate. 


There are also other directions they could go, such as adding the ability to type into Penultimate, or who knows what. We'll just have to wait and see.


The big challenge would be to deprecate Penultimate without significantly removing any important features while migrating to the Evernote application. This means the Evernote application would also require some considerable reworking. 


So, again, not saying it CAN'T be done! Just that doing so is a big deal and may not happen quickly!


Also, just out of curiosity, do you have a source for any official word that Hello has been deprecated? I've suspected it has for a long time but have not seen official word of it. 

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Ah yeah. I agree and feel like Hello, Food, and Peek are definitely on the backburner, if not also on their final days. This doesn't bother me too much. I much prefer they direct resources to the core products, which need a bit of a boost. Also, I never really could dive into Hello, but I definitely have been taking advantage of the Hello-like features that have migrated to the Evernote application! Strange how that works eh?


I look forward to seeing what this year brings for Evernote honestly. I think there will be some interesting developments... at least I hope so!  

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