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evernote & sticky notes

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Ive done this for years, do my shopping list on SN and rely on it transferring it to EVERNOTE auto, i put a new WINDOW 7 ULTRA instead PROFF. which i allways had but know it wont do what i want it to, It goes in all right but when it comes to "REQUEST ACTIVATION LINK"  the HTTPS://  '>HTTPS://   just will not get the numbers it stays empty with HTTPS://  then win 7 closes it down ?

Have you any close?


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You may want to contact the developer of that sticky-notes application (which is NOT made by Evernote). It may be related to an issue on their end. 


Also, do you have two-factor authentication set up for your account? If the application is this one:



I'm not sure it is currently actively developed and may not support two-factor authentication. 

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