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confused about notebook sharing

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So I did a test to see if we could use Evernote shared notebooks to host some files I want all members of our team to access. I created a notebook on my Mac, and selected to share it with another employee, and I gave that employee editing privileges. I then put a Word doc in it and they could see it, edit it, save it, all is well.


Then they added a document to that notebook and she's saying that it's telling her I won't be able to see that document unless she chooses to share it with me. Huh? I thought once a notebook was set to be shared with a certain group of people that ANYTHING put in that document would now be shared. Do we really have to share the notebook and then individually set sharing settings for every file we put in it? If so, we need to look for another solution as that sounds like a major pain.


Right now, she's saying the new doc is in the notebook, but I'm not seeing it.

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Hmmm this is odd. I just tested this out and was unable to reproduce it. 

I've never heard of a notice that says "....unless you choose to share it".


Could you post a screenshot? 


Are you/she absolutely sure it is in the correct notebook?

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so after she swore to me a dozen times that she moved the file into the same notebook, I looked at her setup and she created a new notebook, apparently by accident somehow.  Let's just say it's becoming quickly apparent she's not the most tech savvy person I know.


Sorry about this, should've not take her at her word and gotten off my butt to check before asking.


By the way, this functionality is VERY cool. I'm thinking we move all our company-level docs up there (we're a very small business), and create a table of contents note with links to all the docs for ease of launching. Powerful setuff. And gets me off google docs!

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