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How do I lookup or find the table of content list for imported PDF files, I must be able to bring up a list. I can't find any menu or button that shows the table of contents. I normally use the finder. I'm importing all my service manuals. P.S. There should be a button somewhere, to show and search the Table of content list.


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WOW. I just discovered that the table of contents are stripped out on import. This really sucks. There must be Table of content list and annotation support.

What are you talking about? Evernote does not strip anything out of your pdfs. I just tested with a PDF that includes bookmarks (I assume that is what you mean by TOC). Open it from Evernote in Preview and the bookmarks are still there. I added a few annotations and saved it back to EN, then re-opened it and they were still there. Annotations that show things on the page (like drawing ovals and such) show up on the pages in EN as well.

EN is great for being able to store and search the documents you put in it, but, IMO, it doesn't replace the original app used for those documents. I'd recommend opening your longer PDFs in Preview to review them with all the extra navigation things you get there. Any changes you make do get saved back to EN.

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Yes, if you put a PDF document into Evernote, we store the exact PDF file, and you can always get it out again later.

Our Preview mode in the client may not look the same as you see in your own PDF viewer, but you can right-click to Open it in your preferred PDF viewer.

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NO. If you import a PDF document and then try to save it out, the table of contents are stripped out. Example: I just downloaded the evernote PDF manual. I then opened it with preview and was able to to see the table of contents and search within it. After import into evernote, and previewed the PDF, you will see no table of contents, just blank. If you save it out to the desktop, and then try again, again no table of contents. P.S. I have the PDF to prove it.

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No idea what is going on with your pdfs, but I've tried this now with several (the precise test you mention) and nothing has been stripped out. The TOC pane is still there and still contains the same items.

Here are some screenshots. I downloaded the EN manual to my computer and opened it up in Preview to start. You can see the TOC. Then I dragged the file to EN to make a new note with the attachment. The PDF displayed normally in the note. Then, I right-clicked the PDF in the note, choose Save As, and saved the file back to my machine. Finally opened it from there and confirmed that the bookmarks are still there.



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Yes, we literally do not change a single bit in the PDF you give us. If you right-click on the PDF and save it back out, it will be exactly the same file as the one that went in. If it is being shown differently in your PDF viewer, that may be a display preference.

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Hello everyone,

I've been admiring the pdf viewer on the iPad, but I've only been using it for a couple of days now, so maybe I have missed something.

I would like to suggest, or know, if there is some kind of access to the Table of Contents.

I like how it doesn't have all the zooming issues that most other iPad PDF viewers have. I wonder if this is because the Evernote viewer only presents the document as a vertical column so there's no side to side gestures to change pages. Most viewers seem to reset the zoom when you change the page, which I find complicates the process of reading a document.

I like the little page preview icon on the right can be used to move around in the document. My only comment is that it is a bit small on my iPad 2 to see much detail. I'm reading a newspaper so maybe part of the problem is that the page sizes are larger than normal. So, having access to the table of contents in text/link form would be nice.

Perhaps a goto page option?

Thanks and here's to hoping that feature creep doesn't water your product down,


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I guess I spoke too soon. just after this the evernote ipad pdf viewer was indeed updated and now includes the table of contents.


Unfortunately for me, the newly improved viewer does the multipage layout like most other viewers where the page is changed by going to the left or right to move through a document. which is fine, but now the zooming resets with each page change.


I think if the zoom could be locked somehow then it might be better, but I would have to see it to be sure.


this is all relevant to reading a news paper in pdf format where the pages are sized much larger than normal. So when the viewer's default of showing the whole page for each new page, the fonts get pretty small. It seems to me that viewing the whole page as a default works better for normal letter sized documents aka 9.5 by 11. I like zooming in on an article with the zoom showing about two-three columns. it makes it easier to read.


The previous ipad pdf viewer for evernote used a single column layout which allowed the zoom to stay constant as I went up and down the pages.


I noticed that Dropbox added a pdf viewer and it uses this same single column layout and has a table of contents feature as well. So these days I'm using dropbox for pdfs, plus it is an easier sync between my mac desktop and my ipad.

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