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Sharing note via email question



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When I just shared a note from the Evernote Windows client I see the 'from' field as: MyEvernoteAccountEmailAddress.com <noreply@evernote.com>, and the 'reply-to' field as: MyEvernoteAccountEmailAddress.com <MyEvernoteAccountEmailAddress.com>. ("MyEvernoteAccountEmailAddress.com" is a stand-in for my actual account's email address). A reply should go to the correct address. I don't know how this works on the Mac client, but I think that the Windows client is the correct behavior; I think there's a post from Evernote employee gbarry that details it, and I'll try to find it...


...OK, this is the post I was referring to: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/56720-most-unwelcome-changes-to-sharing-notes-by-email/?p=273562

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