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Need help opening picture

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Someone sent me a picture.  The icon has a picture of Evernote and says "open in Evernote." However, when I click on it, I'm sent to Evernote, but don't see the picture. What's going on? Please advise.  Thanks.

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What device is this on? An iOS device? Mac? Win? Android?

Almost no matter what the answer is, "opening in..." Evernote should create a note with that image. Just tried it on my iPad and indeed, new note with that image.

Is it actually your intention to add the image to Evernote or are you simply trying to view the image? If it is the latte I recommend using a different application. Saving to your camera roll on an iOS/android device, or a photo viewer on the desktop.

More details and we can help you out better.

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I've been trying to view the picture.  It came to me as "webloc" with an evernote icon in the middle of the box.  I've tried opening it with my pc, my iPhone and my iPad and have had no luck.  


I hope this is enough info for you to help.





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If you know who sent you the picture,  I'd ask them for help opening it - how do they imagine it should work?  If you don't know who sent you the picture,  don't mess with it - raise a support ticket (see below) to see if Evernote want to investigate possible spam.

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a .webloc file is a file that refers to a web location. It is not an image and it is not in any way related to Evernote.


On your iOS device, it likely shows the Evernote icon because the device doesn't know how to handle .webloc files (there is no native support for this filetype on iOS devices), but Evernote allows you to add any file type as an attachment to a note (this is different from being able to view any file type!). The iOS device is saying "I don't know how to open this, but there's an app that lets you do something with it".


On your computer I suspect if you told it to open that .webloc file in Safari/Chrome/Firefox whatever, you'd see something. ONLY open the file if you know the sender and can verify that they intended to send this thing to you (and that they haven't been hacked). 


It is quite likely that the sender intended to send you a photo but did not do so properly and thus, sent you this obscure filetype by accident. 

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