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Evernote Desktop - Programming Error or PEBCAK?


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I am new to Evernote, but certainly not new to software - I still remember when turning on a computer left you at the A:\> prompt.


I put a note in my Android (HTC One M8) Evernote app, and sync'ed. The note showed up in the web application of Evernote, but it did not show up in the Desktop, and, of course, it's in my phone.


YET - the desktop application is showing exactly the same number of entries for that particular notebook (and total number of notes in all) in all three applications (Web, Desktop, phone).


I have taken a screen shot of the Desktop application and it shows that the folder in question has 26 entries, but when you physically count them, there are only 25.


This frightens me since the Desktop application is clearly not reflecting what is in the Web App, nor the phone App, AND, it's mis-reporting the number of total notes, putting reliablility in question. Since I'm new to Evernote, I can't eliminate the possibility that I'm doing something wrong, or the note is somehow hidden in the Desktop application - hence the title of this post.


Can anyone shed some light on this for me?



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Hi - there are a number of possible explanations for your note not showing up for the time being.  You mention that you synced everything - does the desktop show a recent sync under Activity?  And have a look in your other notebook(s),  the Trash notebook,  and for one called 'Conflicting Changes'.  I don't think this is a reason to be concerned - just part of computer life's rich full tapestry of minor glitches.



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LOL, you can't be serious - rich tapestry? Look, I appreciate the reply, truly - but of course I sync'ed. And yes, I looked in other notebooks, but I fear you may have missed the point.


Evernote shows that there are 26 notes in the notebook, yet when you count them, there are only 25. That's not a trivial issue. I've posted the screen shot. If the note were in another folder, I would be able to search all notes for it, yet, I cannot. That note shows up in the Web App, and on my phone, but not on the desktop app - and all three show the same tally of notes for every folder. (wonders: why am I repeating myself?)


I'm awful grateful you replied, but I wouldn't post to the forum if I hadn't turned the power on. There are only 25 notes showing up, and the notebook tally says there are 25. What gives?


If I can't post a note from my phone and have it show up in the desktop, I'm not entirely convinced that it's a reason not to be concerned or a minor glitch. Especially when Evernote is showing the incorrect number of notes in the folder (shrug).

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Well if it's any consolation I don't think anything similar has been reported,  so your situation seems to be pretty unusual - hence why I wondered if there was a simple explanation.  The sync process goes phone to web to desktop and back again,  so it's clear the note got a certain way along the route but for some reason didn't show up at the end of the trip.  The next likely steps are 1) uninstalling and clean reinstalling the desktop app and 2) renaming the database file to get it rebuilt.  If you need them,  there are more detailed instructions on both in the forums,  or you could raise a support ticket (see below) for more specifics. 

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The routing conduit helps - thanks for that. I was unsure if the sync was a direct wireless event between my internal network and my phone or not. If I understand you correctly, the web is the go between - always. That means if I enter a note in the desktop app, it goes to the web before reaching my phone, and vice versa.


It IS odd behavior, to be sure. Knowing that it is a unique report is helpful however. I had stopped adding notes until there was some clarity on the event, so now I will begin using it more and see what happens. Time will tell I suppose.


Thank you for your time and suggestions.



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