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Scan to evernote

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I am a newbie to all this, so be patient, I installed EV, I bought a ix500 Scansnap and set it to PDF. When I scan a printed sheet to EV, it shows up in notes as .jpg and I have to manually enter a new title. Can someone give me detailed directions on what settings should be on scansnap, and in EV? I have followed m.hyatt directions, but he shows pictures as file to save, I entered user,local,evernote.

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Not sure how much detailed direction we can give on an ix500 unless someone who's been through the setup process can chime in here..


I have an S1500 which installs software on my Windows computer called ScanSnap Manager and I can change scanning variables (like JPG or PDF) from there.  The setup instructions were pretty clear.. if you follow them through carefully you should get this working.  The trick is to keep trying!

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