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k-12 Problem with shared notebooks creating tag clutter

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Hello! On behalf of one of my teachers, has anyone found a way on the Mac client to hide shared tags? The teacher in question is having students create Evernote notebooks and then share them with him for a research project. But when he has 45 different notebooks shared with him, all the tags in those notebooks are creating incomprehensible clutter in his own account and there seems to be no way to filter it out.


Is there any way in the current Mac client to filter tags like this, or is there a workaround? Help me please!


Roger Wistar

Educational Technology Facilitator

The Hotchkiss School

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Hello Roger! 


Our teachers run into the same issue. Here is what we do:


1) Have the teacher create a Master Tag: we use Homework or FromStudents as the master (I tend to use: Unused). To create it, just tag a note with it. 

2) In the Tag View on the Mac Client, drag and drop all of the Unwanted Tags from Students into that "Master Tag." All of the tags will be in the list, but they will all be hidden when you go to tag view - or at least they will be collapsable. 


Interestingly, we council people to do the same with Notebook Stacks, create an Unused stack so that you can collapse the notebooks you do not want displayed.


This is a workaround that mostly helps with the tag display. You will still see some decreased functionality as a result of this method: autofill on tags will still use them all, etc. We went school-wide, and have had great success, but with Students, Teachers, and Admins all using tags it gets cluttered. We also council teachers and admins to keep only the notebooks they need. When students leave your class/program, remove yourself from their notebooks to decrease the clutter.


Hope this helps!

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