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I've lost all my skitch notes!

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Help I don't know what's happened! I've had skitch and evernote for ages, and have been sending some of my skitch notes to evernote but not all. Now I assume that some update has happened, and I've had to relink skitch to evernote, and the skitch screen has totally changed.


There is only one image in the 'skitch notes in evernote' screen (there should be more). And I can't see any of the rest of my skitch notes at all, all the ones I used to keep in my skitch account. Gone! Can I get them back?



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HMmm not sure the exact cause of your issue, but in the meantime you can likely find your old notes in one of your computer backups. Not sure where the older version of skitch would have stored images but you might try locating in your backups:

~/Library/Application Support/Skitch

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have you checked both:

/Volumes/Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support 


/Username/Library/Application Support


It SHOULD be in the latter of the two. Unless there is something wrong with your backups, there should be something there, Skitch won't work properly without it! (Though whether it stored your content there, I cannot be sure). 


You may consider opening a support ticket. At the very least because an update shouldn't obliterate your data (at least not without warning, but preferably not at all!)

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What version of Skitch are you running? 

If you're using a more recent version than 1.x, then If you log in with your Evernote account, anything in your Evernote account that appeared in your Library will re-sync in there again.

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What I've found is that if I go to the drop down list in the toolbar at the top of the Skitch screen, the bottom option is 'open 1.x Skitch document. If I click that then all my original Skitch snaps are shown and accessible. They're in MyName/Pictures/Skitch, and if I click on and open one, then it subsequently appears in this version of Skitch. So all is OK. Thanks for your suggestions!

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