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What happens to categories when is about to import the Notes from my backup?



It seems like I can import the enex file to restore the backup with the notes but the problem is that all the notes are in one Notebook and I've lost all the categories I had in my old setup.. Still having 10.6.8 though and need some help if its possible to restore also the categories?? thanx a lot


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.enex exports do not keep notebook assignments,

The best way around this is to export each notebook to its own .enex, name the file with the notebook name so you know what it is when you import. Make sure you tell it to include tags in the export!

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Keep in mind too, that when you restore notes by importing from enex file, all notes that go into sync'd notebooks will go against your monthly upload quota. If you have very many notes and/or have a free account, that means you may not be able to get all your notes back into the cloud for a while, unless you upgrade to premium. And you may need to buy additional upload, if your restored, synced notes exceed a gig. It's best to restore from a true backup, which will not go against your monthly upload AND which keeps the notes in their respective notebooks. The exception is if you need to restore only a few notes. In this case, importing only the necessary notes from an enex file to a live database is the way to go.

Please search the board on the topic, if you need more information, since backup/restore has been discussed a lot already.

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Another issue with ENEX: it will destroy any hierarchical structure used by your tags. 

All child-level tags will be promoted to the generic parent-level.

Due to Evernote scalability problems, I set up a 2nd premium account. I've been moving half of my 30,000 notes via ENEX over to the other account.  I have 10 days left to complete the transfer and then I will revert both accounts back to free status. And I will continue moving my more important notes over to other services - OneNote, OneDrive, DropBox.

Fortunately, I don't have a lot of notebooks so I did not worry about the other ENEX feature - dropping the Notebook assignment.

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