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Note Count Different between Apps

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I use Evernote mobile (iPhone); on my mac as well as the web version.  The note counts are different.  The app on my mac takes into account a notebook that I share with a friend.  The other apps don't.  Is there a way to make them all the same?  I use the note count to make sure that the Evernote is syncing accurately.



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One thing that comes to mind is if you have a Local Notebook on one device.  That Local Notebook does not get synced, so the count would be greater on the device that has a Local Notebook.


Could this be the case?

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Indeed it does sound like this could be it. Good find sentinel. I suspect, since iOS and Android clients pull headers only from the server, if the server is improperly indexed, so too will the iOS clients. The desktop clients have your entire database stored locally so would be buffered against this type of thing.

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