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Scanned item with ScanSnap Evernote Edition can be saved in iCloud?

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Hi, I'm considering to purchase Scansnap Evernote edition.

(Why Evernote edition is, seems like it sorts items out automatically - which is the function I wan to have.)


The Scansnap Evernote edition come with one year of Evernote Premium subscription. It is nice, however, I happen to have 50GB space with iCloud already.


My question here is:

Is it possible to do below workflow and how?


1) Scan and sort papers using Scansnap Evernote edition, then

2) Archive documents in iCloud.



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The very little I understand about the Scansnap Evernote Edition is, it will only save into your Evernote Account on Evernote's Server.  Thus, in order to transfer it to iCloud would require exporting the documents into an iCloud connecting App, then syncing again to iCloud.  The 50 GB of iCloud space is inviting to use, however, I don't think it would be feasible.

This is not entirely correct. The ScanSnap Evernote Dition can scan to any folder you wish, it is not limited to Evernote.

As for getting those files into iCloud, this is tricky and unrelated to any shortcoming of Evernote. I suspect you'd have a reasonably easy time scanning your documents into any folder on your hard drive, then using preview. App to move them into iCloud.

That being said, depending on what you want to do with these documents, iCloud may be less than ideal. A cloud service like Dropbox/box/drive/one drive/sugarsync may offer significantly greater flexibility. Specifically, things stored in iCloud using preview have no counterpart application on iOS and are therefore inaccessible.

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