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Information for Beta-Release, where ?

Prinz Bernhard

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The Evernote-generated New Version announcement (for beta, prerelease, or public) only gives a hint at what is in upgrades.

The information is usually 2 or 3 rather vague and nondescript bullet points on topics such as: bug fixes, misc sync fixes, numerous fixes to tags, etc.


Occasionally they will toss in a nugget such as the ability to type and filter notebooks in the app or email confirmation to make sure the email address on file is correct.


If it is a really big deal, the Evernote marketing department might create a blog about the subject, but I find they are usually misleading.


The best source for beta information or general upgrade information is from other users right here in this forum.

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I agree the membership of the G+ group and this forum overlaps,  but that's the route to join the beta group and get your updates.  One of the Evernote devs posts on G+ and usually responds to queries on specifics.  Beta content is presumably variable since it may not survive wider testing in the group,  but I've found the betas generally usable,  and you won't see see existing features being intentionally disabled,  though things have been known to get a bit fragile after being recoded. At worst a beta should be no better or worse for an individual use case than the general release.


Don't go beta without good backups though,  and if your data is especially precious you might want to set up a test account for playing and keep your main account on the public version.


"Beta" (or pre-release) in the title means there may be bugs - don't play unless you're sure of your technical ability and able to work around most minor glitches.

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