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Incoming emails going to wrong notebook

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I've been using Evernote for about 3 weeks and everyday I find another use for it. Love it!

My problem is that recently notes that I forward to my evernote email address are sporadically going to Notebooks that I do not specify. I know to use the @(notebook name) to direct a email to a specific notebook. But sometimes I don't indicate a notebook in the subject line and it automatically goes to my Vacation notebook. or, I in can specify @Recipes and it goes to "work" notebook. My default notebook is "First Notebook". Has anyone experienced this before?

BTW, I do the majority of my work on an iPad. Evernote is synced to my PC and iPhone.

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Welcome to Evernote and the Forum.


I am not sure what the issue is, however, I found a good link for you to review.  The instructions include iPad info:  http://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#/article/23480523


If you are doing things as suggested in that link, and it is not working as it should, it may be best to put in a Support Ticket:



Good luck!

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I'd suggest you check your Evernote Web settings and make sure the poorly named "Smart Filing" option is turned off. When it was released many users shut it off due to the problems you mention.


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Smart Filing (from the Evernote Knowledgebase)

You can also let Evernote automatically organize your emailed in notes using our Smart Filing feature. Once you enable Smart Filing in your Evernote Web Settings, we’ll check to see where you’ve placed similar content and how you’ve tagged it in the past. It’s built using the same intelligent algorithms that power the Smart Filing feature in our Web Clippers. If you have Smart Filing enabled, but want to put your notes into a specific location, simply follow the steps above. Using the notebook or tag names will override Smart Filing for that note.

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Some additional tips



By the way, it might have been renamed. The Knowledgebase is not always up to date. When I go to my settings in the Evernote web, it is named:
Auto-filing (automatically file and tag notes sent via email)

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