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Organizational tips needed


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My problem is more a philosopical one about data organization. My usual evernote is sorted in Last Updated order, because that tends to be what I'm currently working on. But I do run across stuff that I have to stuff into Evernote, and stuff gets updated, so there's a lot of irrelevant stuff in that list.


I spends lots and lots of time trying to remember how I organized stuff in Evernote (i.e. I know that I made a bunch of notes which have url links on one introductory page, but what did I call the introductory page?)


Everytime I add a new note, I try to remember how it fits into my life and I apply several tags. But I do not know absolutely that I have the right tags. The world is moving at a phenomenal rate and I have to just keep going.


What would be really useful would be some routines that I could run automatically at the end of the day which would add tags to notes based on their content, then I would know that selecting tag x would really give me all the stuff that should be there. (i.e. I could create a long search which looked for stuff in the note but which didn't have the appropriate tag).


Thanks for advice.




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Here is a discussion about tags that could be helpful. There are links in those posts to further discussions and specific use cases. 



Specifically regarding looking for mis-tagged or un-tagged notes is this post from the discussion linked to above:



In many cases using detailed titles (what constitutes "detailed" will depend on your personal case of course!) can overcome less-than-exact tagging when coupled with the intitle: search syntax. 


Perhaps there is a plethora of other posts around here on the topic of tagging and organization that might be worth perusing, through you aren't a newcomer so I'm sure you've already been down those roads! A discussion about Evernote Housekeeping might be nice to have here!

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