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(Archived) Shared notebook not shown in Mac App



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The clients don't yet integrate shared notebooks into your local client view, but this is something we plan to add in the future. The current sharing feature is "Phase 1" and is primarily through the web UI.

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I am a big fan of evernote and just upgraded to premium to be able to share properly - gutted this is not available.

We really *need* this feature - the web interface is fine but with shared notes in the client we are stuck.

Any ideas on when this might become available?


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This is definitely a necessity... I have a Premier account, but 3 of my family members as well as 1 client have free Evernote accounts... 2 of them are willing to be premium because, like me, they assumed the shared folders would work in the desktop client. Until this feature is available, they will all remain free users.

Heres hoping this is seen as a priority rather than something minor you plan to implement like a year down the road... this is more important than some of the other stuff you are including.

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I also just started to put into practice the sharing functions....and I too thought that this was going to sync to my desktop client. Bummed when I found out that the only way to sync is to use the web interface.

Is there any projection of when this feature will be ready? I am sooo waiting for this, and also will be very quick to go premium if this is a function. True syncing should get pushed to the desktop....working up in the cloud is not always possible nor is it always convenient to work through a web browser....I myself, much prefer applications rather than everything in a browser window.

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Is there any update on this. I was setting up a co-worker to share some of my notebooks. My hope was we could cross collaborate on these folders. I paid for premium for both of these Mac clients. I was absolutely shocked to find out you could only really SHARE via the web interface. This is horrible. I never even use the web interface - only the actual Mac clients. Please advise on when this feature will be available? This I think is quite a critical feature! Thanks.

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