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Web clipper keeps popping up when I CMD+` between browser windows

Alex Greyhead

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Hello! I use CMD + backtick ( ` ) extensively to switch between application windows and have found that occasionally, when I use this key command, the Evernote web clipper pops up.


I changed the keypress which triggers the clipper to the § key, but this strange behaviour is still occurring.


Can anybody shed any light on this annoying bug? Every time it happens, the clipper steals focus and I have to wait a few seconds for it to finish loading before I can cancel it.


Thanks very much in advance,



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HMmmm I have the default clipper hotkey set up which is the ` key and I cannot reproduce this problem in either Chrome or Safari. Backtick ALONE will being up the clipper, but cmd-` NEVER invokes the clipper. 


The odd thing is that given that I can't reproduce it with default hotkey settings, it shouldn't matter what yours are. Even if yours were the default or you didn't change them properly it shouldn't be happening. 


Maybe someone else can reproduce this. Perhaps also worthy of opening a support ticket?

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Evidently, it's not only on Chrome (which I do not use). 


This happens for me with the Evernote clipper plug-in in Safari on the Mac. I am having difficulty reproducing the behavior at the moment, but the next time it happens, It happens frequently enough to be annoying. I'll try to pay attention to the circumstances and report back here.


It may have something to do with the number of windows or tabs that are opened; or how many opened pages have had the bookmarklet used on them. I'm reasonably certain that it only happens when using CMD-` to navigate to a window in which the Evernote clipper was used on the tab currently displayed in that window.

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