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Comments or notes in shared notebooks without editing notebook content

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Does anyone know how, or if it is possible, to make notes or comments to notes in a notebook that you have read access to, but without modifying the main user's notes and setup?  We are concerned about sync issues in having multiple users able to read and write/edit on boards (using for lab notebooks in research).  Our PI would like the ability to post comment, like with a sticky note style system or like comments in other social media systems, that would stay attached to the note, but we don't want to have full edit and write abilities so that we don't get notebooks out of sync.


Any thoughts are appreciated!


Manda Beth

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Having "read only access" does exactly what it says on the can,  so making notes or comments on the same note and without modifying the owners' notes and setup is slightly impossible.  


Closest you'll get would be to have interlinking shared accounts.  The parent account shares a notebook out to (say) 20 individuals who each have a free child account in which to view the shared notes.  Those 20 child accounts each share one notebook back to the master account. When the master account publishes out a read-only note "project one" each child account,  in their own time,  can copy the read only note into the notebook shared back to the parent and make individual comments and changes in that note.  The note could be copied with an Evernote function,  or by using a screen shot and annotating the screen shot with Skitch - or any combination of the two.

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