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(Archived) Do you create new notebooks or just use tags?

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When do you create a new notebook for something, rather than simply adding a tag for all note you make about that subject?

I'm a bit confused as to when it might be better to go with a completely new notebook or not. It does seem easier to add everything to my default notebook, as I would otherwise have to either:

1) Select the correct notebook first, in the left column, or

2) Select the correct notebook from the dropdown box that popups when creating new note

It may sound like nothing, but when you create a lot of notes in different notebooks, it tends to become a bit annoying.

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It is personal preference, but I just have a few notebooks, and mostly use tags. Some people have a very sophisticated GTD (Get Things Done) notebook setup. Mine is very basic. I have a "personal" notebook and "work" notebook where almost everything goes, but do have "do now," "do next," and "do someday" notebooks. I also have "bills to pay" and "bills paid" notebooks for paying bills. Mostly, though, I just tag everything else and dump it into my work or personal notebooks.

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I also only use tags and sub-tags in my implementation. I find it a lot easier to search and organise. You need to really make sure you thing out your tag hierarchy well though, as Evernote does not allow duplicate tags and orders them alphabetically.

Funny enough... I also write for 40tech now, the blog run by my esteemed colleague who posted above me in this thread a few weeks back. If you are curious as to my tag implementation, my first post at 40tech is all about implementing a Getting Things Done (GTD) system in Evernote using only one notebook. It walks you through the tags I used, why I used them and how I used them for GTD. It also has screenshots, if you would prefer not to listen to me blather on... :D

http://www.40tech.com/2009/08/25/gettin ... -notebook/

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I tend to make a lot of notebooks & then use keywords (rather than tags) to refine a search. IE, any entry having anything to do with iPhone will have the word iPhone in the entry. (It's basically like using a tag but seems to be an easier workflow for me.) I also try to make the title of a note as descriptive as possible b/c that makes finding the right note in the list view easier. I like having the various notebooks so that various notes that pertain to a particular subject are always together. Plus, I often forget what notes I may have out there, so I can go to a notebook & review the titles of the notes.

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