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Trouble annotating PDFs on Mac?



I have a ticket for this, #469028, but wondered if anyone else has the same problem.


At first, I couldn't annotate certain PDF files. I sent the file to Evernote, who (promptly!) wrote back, requesting that I do a complete reinstall. Did that, but now I can't annotate any PDFs at all. Images are just fine.


I had a look at the activity log, and when I right click on the PDF I instantly see a list of options and things pop up in the debug log, but nothing whatsoever happens, either in the application or in the log, when I select "Annotate this PDF". If I select "Annotate a copy", I get a copy of the PDF in a new note, but no annotation window.


Sound familiar to anyone?


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I know Evernote promotes Skitch (sp?) but I have to tell you that I have had great success with:

  • SnagIT (Windows and Mac)
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro

Yes, these both cost a bit, especially Acrobat Pro, but I find them well worth it.  I NEVER have any problems with either, and I can open a PDF in Acrobat Pro, or an image in SnagIT, and quickly and easily edit/annotate it.  If this is important to you, then I suggest you consider a paid solution.


OTOH, if you're on the cheap, and only occasionally need these tools, then you can try the FREE versions, but you may encounter some problems

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