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Automate import of emails into Evernote

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Helo everyone,

I was wondering if and how would one automate the process of importing certain emails from Apple Mail into Evernote. My idea is to import, for example, all Apple Store receipts as individual notes into Evernote, but I wasn't able to figure out a way to do it. I mean, not the ones I already have in my inbox, but the ones to come. Some sort of automation to do this. Maybe it's right in front of my eyes and i just can't see it. I thought I could do it with IFTTT, but no. Then I went into Automator, but wasn't able to figure out if this was doable.

I mean, I can just manually drag every new receipt from Mail into Evernote, but if this were to happen automatically, it would be awesome. I figure this must involve some sort of filtering or something like that, but I just can't think of a way.

Maybe someone already cracked this one and has a system that does this. Would you mind sharing it?

Thank you so much.


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Several options:


IFTTT should allow you to do this if you happen to use gmail. (Gmail can also do this on its own...)


All email:

Either on the server (log into the web interface of your email account), or using Rules in Apple's mail app (doing this server side is better): Set up a rule that forwards messages meeting your criteria to your evernote email address.

For example, you might set up a rule/filter that looks like this:

If the sender contains '@apple.com' and the subject contains 'receipt' forward to youraddress@evernote.com

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The only thing that's even better than Evernote is the Evernote community itself :)

It worked. I have an iCloud account, so I couldn't use the Gmail/IFTTT automation, but the rules in Apple mail do the trick perfectly!


Thanks a lot guys!

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