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android Different searches UI on Tablet and Smartphones

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Sorry for my English


I've Evernote Android both on my Tablet and on my Smartphone, but ..



the search is performed by the Magnifier Icon: a "not very wide" dropdown list appears (less than a third of my screen in landscape, less than a half in portrait mode); if I have to open more than a note of the same search list ... I have to redo the search.  Furthermore: no way to change notes' order.


Smartphone (4'' diagonal):

the search is performed by the Magnifier Icon:

the resulting list is like any other note's list (full screen); I'm able to change the note's order (by date or by title); i can open a note and the go back to the search result's list (without re-performing a search).


So, I can I get the same features on my tablet too? Is there anything I'm missing?


Cheers.  G

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