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(Archived) Adding Comments to Notes

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Just proposing an idea for a new feature (i don't think it's already available, as far as i can see).

It would be nice to be able to add multiple, separate comments to notes - like i can with blog posts. that way i could annotate a note with updated thoughts, without editing the original text.

And, as Evernote's sharing functionality grows (as I understand it will, at some point), i could (in my ideal world) then give some people full editing rights, some people commenting rights, and some people read-only rights, on my shared notes.

And if these comments were actually notes themselves - i suppose this could be a total nightmare to implement, but assuming it was do-able - then wouldn't that greatly expand the possibilities for collaborative discussion and research? (i'm thinking vaguely about how one could run a mini-forum within evernote, with threaded discussions - or something like that, but i suspect there'd be other benefits too).

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