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Can I import an existing file structure?



I have a multi-level file structure already to up on my Mac, (documents inside folders, insider folders, etc.)  Will this file structures i already took pains to set up transfer over to Evernote?  How do I do it please?

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Sorry, but Evernote only supports a very shallow hierarchy:  Stacks / Notebooks / Notes

So there really are no sub-notebooks (like sub-folders).


Also, the EN Mac client still does NOT have a general file import like the EN Win client.  But there are several Applescripts that will import files for you.  You can also drag and drop a file on the Evernote icon in the Dock to import the file.


The usual recommendation is to use a small number of Notebooks with as many Tags as you need/prefer (in lieu of sub-folders) to organize your Notes.  Tag usage varies a lot, from zero to less than 100 to 100s to over 1,000.  You can also make good use of the Note Title to help categorize your Notes, and to search on later.  For various ways to organize your Notes, do a Google on "Evernote organization".


If you want to post an example of your Mac folder setup, maybe we can offer some more concrete suggestions.


Good luck and enjoy Evernote.  It's very flexible and most people find it very useful.



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