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make emoji characters searchable | feature request



I constantly use various emoji characters as a useful helper for my tagging system. So when I search for a specific emoji in the search field, I would like to be able to see all notes including that emoji to see all notes in different notebooks tagged with same emoji. Using a colorful and symbolic tagging system like that is more convenient and fun for me.

But the thing is, I can't search for emoji in evernote Android app. It was possible in iOS but in Android when I type an emoji to search, app shows a list of all notes whether they contain that specific emoji or not.

My suggestion is to improve the search engine of the evernote Android app to make it possible to search emoji as well.

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It would appear there is no one who has read this thread to date who is interested or interested enough to post a reply.  Since EN reads all posts on this board, consider it noted by EN.  That does not mean they will ever implement it.  Only that it's noted. 

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