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Disappearing annotations PDF

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Hey guys.


New to evernote.


Basically the issue I've been having is I've been annotating PDFs in evernote and only partial annotations/or none have saved to evernote.


These are the steps i have taken.


1. Firstly I've opened a new note inside a notebook.

2. Dragged a pdf into evernote.

3. Opened the pdf in preview by right clicking on the right side clicking on open with - Preview.

4. Annotated document with highlights, text boxes/bubbles etc.

5. Saving the pdf in preview via the file tab at the top of the screen and pressing save.

6. Then closing preview and checking evernote.


In some cases some annotations are viewable, mainly the first few I've done. 

In others no annotations are viewable.

One time closing evernote and reopening restored all annotations, tried that since and and no annotations are viewable.


Also once I've opened the pdf again via evernote the annotations are gone(same with original file)


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