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(Archived) traveling abroad with iphone/EN - need ? answered please!


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Hello -

I JUST started using EN, so forgive my ignorance. I am traveling to Europe next week and have been clipping a lot of notes/URLs to my iphone regarding places to see/things to do while I am on my trip. I think I have now figured out, however, that if I want to actually view these pages/notes while in Europe, I am going to have to actually be connected to the 3G network and/or a wi-fi spot, correct? I can't view them offline?

My real question is this: If I view the notes while connected to a local wi-fi spot in Europe, I shouldn't get charged roaming fees/international data fees, correct? BUT, if I view them while using the 3G, it will count as megabytes used towards my international data plan? I am buying 50 mb of data for my trip. BUT I have NO IDEA what that really means!?! How much data is in one MB?? If I look at one of my clipped notes/URLs for 30 seconds to find an address of someplace I want to visit, how much of my data plan is that "costing" me?

If anyone has used EN in this situation and could shed some light on any of this, I would greatly appreciate. I don't want to come home to a $700 phone bill!

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If you leave data communications on while you are roaming, it's hard to say for sure how much bandwidth you will use. If you receive a short text-only email, that will only be 1kB, but if you open one with a 5MP image, that may be over a MB.

The same applies to Evernote ... if you open a note that's not yet cached on your phone and view a big file attachment or image, that will transfer the whole file to your phone to view. If you're only opening little text notes, the data usage will be relatively low.

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If you're not going for awhile, reset the data totals on your iPhone to zero (Settings → General → Usage → Reset Statistics). Then, after the number of days you plan to be in Europe, check the totals. This will give you an idea whether the 50MB plan will cover you. It's also a good way to monitor you usage while you're away.

We're headed for Europe in September for 23 days. Using the above technique I learned I transferred about 30MB of data over the cellular network in that period of time.


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I am also thinking how to reduce cost for opening notes with map when traveling abroad.

I have downloaded Skype WIFI (I am not the people in Skype), but I don't know how density of the spots of Skype WIFI available in Europe. 

However, just thinking this may be helpful ...

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