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How to scan documents into Evernote

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My first ever internet post (on any site) and I hope I can find my way back here for the replies (if I get any).


I have an Epson GT-S50 scanner and I use OneNote.  Scanning documents into OneNote is as simple as clicking the scanner icon and bam it's in OneNote.  I like OneNote but the only decent version is on my Windows computer.  I'm writing this from my iMac and I want to get organized on my iMac.  I've tried OneNote for iMac and it is nothing like my paid Windows version.  I'd like to make the full Evernote switch, especially since Evernote seems to be so easy to save web stuff into from my iMac. So...


How can I scan all my documents, receipts ,etc seamlessly into EverNote without paying $400 for a new Evernote compatible scanner? All I can find on the web is info referring me to EverNote compatible scanners.


Please be patient with me.  I'm an aging veteran and obviously a newbie.  Thank you very much in advance for any respectful advice.  Happy holidays to everyone!



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THANK YOU SENTINEL you are my hero  !!


I tried it and the only issue I found is that the key step. "Select Evernote as the automatic task"  option does not appear on my screen, but I closed Image Capture and then reopened it and it picked Evernote.  It must save the last location by default.


I feel so dumb since I tried searching the web all weekend, but better a dumb question than forging ahead stupidly.  Again THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Thank you Sentinel!! Great help.. My husband and I had a similar issue with my MacBook Air.  We had a lot of paper documents which was very hard to organize and manage.  We needed an effective method for document scanning and management.  We bought an Evernote subscription to manage the scanned documents. No issues occurred in creating the account, uploading the files from the system. We thought of scanning the documents directly into Evernote. But even after several tries we could not succeed. We almost gave up before I saw this post.  We had our concerns if it will work. But it worked like a charm.

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