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Windows 8.1 Desktop does Not Sync UP to Web version.


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I'm having a problem in Evernote where changes to my Web version DO sync down to the Desktop, but edits, new notes, etc. made on the Desktop do NOT sync to the Web. Each of the last 5 days I have created a new "dated" notebook in each version. The Web Notebooks show up on the Desktop version, but the Desktop Notebooks do NOT show up in the Web version.




I'm thinking the problem must be in my Windows Firewall settings, IE v.11 or TCP/IP network adapter settings. Do I need separate Inbound/Outbound rules just for Evernote? My ISP is Comcast. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Any help is appreciated!!




P.S. I tried to put in a customer support ticket earlier today, but the ticket system is not working for me. I'll try again soon.

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Hi.  If you're getting the web notebooks appearing on the desktop,  then sync of some sort is happening.  I don't think changing settings is going to help.  I don't have any experience of Comcast bit you're probably best off talking to Support - who work PT normal weekdays,  so not for at least 36 hours.  If you get an acknowledgement with a reference number,  please post it here and we can maybe escalate it for you...

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