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Any Way Of Listing My Notebooks In Alphabetical Order?

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Hi Everyone, Sandy here..


This is my first forum post. So, please forgive the question if it seems I should know it.


Q: Is there anyway of making my list of Notebooks Alphabetical?


I've gone thru the help files and didn't see this.


Thanks in advance for your kind help.





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Hi Sandy, I'm not sure I understand the question as by default Notebooks are sorted alphabetically.  Or do you mean sort notes themselves alphabetically?  What Evernote client are you having the issue with?  Windows?  Mac?


I have seen an issue where once in a while they don't sort alphabetically, I believe logging out and logging back in will usually fix that.

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Hi and welcome to the forums!


Yes, what ZZZ is saying is correct. The notebooks do sort themselves alphabetically by default.

If you are using a desktop version, quit the program and open it again. As mentined above, logging out and back in for portable devices should fix this issue.

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Hi Again,


Thanks so much for your answers ZZZ and Wern.


I followed what you said, and found that you were right about the 'Notebooks' being alphabetical.

I was wrong in using the word Notebook.


I meant to say, "Notes".


My individual notes are being displayed by 'Date Entered'.

Is there a way to alphabetize 'Notes' instead of by date?


Please, if anyone could help with this, it would be appreciated greatly.


Thanks in advance,



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Ok so I am on a Mac, I am sure there are very similar menus on Windows. 

In list view you can simply sort by many different criteria by clicking on the header for that column, so by Date Created, Date Updated, Note Title etc. For alphabetical, click on the note title header. 



In other views (card/snippet) you can use the menu to choose:



Note that these are global, so ALL notebooks are sorted the same way. You cannot have one notebook sorted by Date Updated and another by Alphabetical. 

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