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First of all, excuse me if I am not on the right forum here and hopefully then redirect me to the right place?

I've been using the enml editor and have got some really nice templates made for my classes. Now I would really like to know if it is possible to add an image map using the enml editor? And if so, how would that work as the enml is different than normal html and the <map> tags are not working ( I tried a umber of things). At least I couldn't get it to work.


Just to be clear:

I have a full size image I'm using in a notebook note. I would like to place a link within the image (in html you can use image mapping). 


I used this code in the enml editor around the img tag but the enml editor rejected it completely!

<map name="map1">  <area coords="4,20,20,40" href="left_arrow.htm" name="area1" target="frame1" />  <area coords="116,20,100,40" href="right_arrow.htm" name="area2" target="frame1" /></map>

Where would I put it and how would it integrate properly with enml coding?


Hope someone can help!


Thank you.

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@bijles - did you make any headway on creating an image map in Evernote - perhaps with the newer presentation mode and/or clients that came out in Oct 2014?

Just curious, is there a specific ENML editor you use?

An easy way to maintain visual index notes to both internal and extreme content would indeed be cool!

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