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Evernote Causing File Structure Errors



I ran a complete computer check with TechTool Pro 7 and File Structures came back with:

"70 suspected files found out of 114684 total files checked"

Of these, at least half were related to Evernote.

I've found this issue before and Evernote told me to uninstall and reinstall Evernote.

This issue persists though.

My question is: should I just delete these files or reinstall again? 


Is this a common problem people are encountering with Evernote?

And, yes, I posted in the Micromat (TechTool Pro) forum.


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I'd suggest you Revo uninstall,  run your check again and then reinstall the app - normal uninstall/ reinstalls may not replace files,  especially if they're compromised in some way.  Once you're sure that the reinstall has replaced everything,  then you can monitor possible future problems.  Don't discount the possibility that the 'suspected' files are just false positives.


As regards to whether this is a 'common problem' the number of Evernoters using TechTool or something similar is probably in the low 10's - you'll probably have better luck in the other forum.  FWIW I do regular disk scans using Glary Utilities and Macecraft JV16 and have never found a problem with any Evernote files.

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