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Selective sync

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Is there a way to only sync some notes?

I share with my wife but she doesn't need to see her birthday plans list or biz stuff I do. 

She does need the shopping list, to do list etc.



Hi. Welcome to the forums! 


First, I'd get separate accounts and share a notebook in which you give her (or she gives you) the option to modify notes. You can put your shopping lists and stuff like that in there. This will immediately solve your problem. More broadly speaking, the only way to keep a note from syncing to the Evernote servers (and to every device you have logged into your account) is to use a local notebook. However, this is only available on your Mac or Windows computer. 

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Here is a request for a new feature: 

You select a box beside each note to indicate which are to be shared with a selected person or persons.


Thanks for listening.


Hi. I think the effect you are looking for is probably accomplished most easily by sticking them into notebooks that you are sharing with the person. For example, when I want to share something with my students in one class, I move a note into their notebook. When I want to share one with another class, I move it into that notebook. They are notified when a note is added or changed, so everything works pretty smoothly. 


Ideally, I'd like to see us able to share tags (just as we do with notebooks), because then we could organize the notes however we want and still have them shared with others. In fact, we could have the same note shared with multiple audiences rather than having to copy the note into each shared notebook every time we make a change to it. However, I doubt this will be coming anytime soon (if at all), because it has been a request for many years now. Still, it never hurts to ask!

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