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Skitch iOS 3.1.1 Released

Joe Lopez


Skitch iOS 3.1.1 has been released!


It has been a long road to get here, with 3.1.1 starting as just a bug release and after multiple submissions and re-work turned into a lot more. Just a quick run down of what you'll find in 3.1.1:


* New sharing experience - A whole new UI is in place that gives you immediate access to saving to Evernote, local photos, Facebook, etc

* Frequents - If you share more than distinct times a Frequents tab will appear which will let you share even faster.

* Auto save to Photos - There's a setting which you automatically save a copy when you share and/or prompt you when you discard.

* Background sharing - If you exit before you share completes Skitch will still try and complete the share and send you a local notification when it does.

* New wrapping text - Text now wraps when you get near the edges and you can adjust the wrap point.

* PDF Unlock - You can now purchase the PDF functionality directly.

* Lots of little changes to glyphs, text, and more functions (I could write a novella).

* Lots of bug fixes.


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Thanks for the Update, Joe . New flow is fantastic however some rough edjes, specially on the "Maps" section. 2 things are quite annoying:

  1. there's no street suggesstion
     - I live in Brazil and for some reason it's quite rare that I find the street I'm looking for, I guess it's for misspelling or lack of specific language diacritics (had to wikipedia this one)
  2. after you input a street's name, the cursor on the text strig is invisible, which makes re-typing quite a challenge.

I think this was your most recent post, so I guess this is the best place to discuss, let me know if you prefer some other way of feedback

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Hey. I really the interface and function of Skitch. Please consider this feature: converting image from text into text.

You have a nice feature in evernote which through OCR searches text in images.

But I ask for -- to also convert the text in an image.


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