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Word Wrap, reflow or Text Resize.

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I work in the political arena and use Evernote to both write and help deliver my speeches.


When delivering a speech with my android tablet, I would simply open the note in non-edit mode and use pinch-zoom to resize the text to a manageable size and I'm good to go.


I recently bought an iPad Mini because I see that Evernote supports iOS more (more features, Penultimate, etc, etc) than android (I'm an android fan, so you must understand how much I appreciate the power of Evernote).


For some reason I cannot seem to resize the text on the iPad and have the text reflow or word wrap without it going beyond the size of the screen.


When giving a speech making eye contact with the audience is fundamental, and having text that is too small makes it difficult to glance at the audience and glance back to find your place quickly again (plus some of my more visually challenged colleagues prefer their speech notes to be in large print). 


The iPad version has the nice Present feature, which would be perfect if you can simply just resize the text (and yes, I have tried to resize the text in the edit mode itself).


Am I missing something?


All of my colleagues have tablets. I have tried to explain the power of Evernote to them in what we do, the organisational abilities impress them, but fail every time when it comes to delivering our speeches.

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Although I think Evernote is a life-changing app,  I frequently use other software to process my content both before and after it gets moved into or attached to a note.  I do training and presentations a lot (long and irrelevant story) and usually find that the headlines on my slides are enough to keep me on song.  If I'm doing something that requires a lot of specific copy I have used an 'autocue' app on my Android mobile device.  That scrolls up the content in variable size and speed,  and allows me to pause the delivery if I'm dealing with questions or having a meltdown on stage.


My eyesight isn't the best,  and given the weird lighting schemes in which I sometimes work BIG TYPE is required.  My app delivers that - not sure what's available in iOS world,  but if you look around there should be something similar... 

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That is an unacceptable state of affairs for a program designed, as one of its primary functions, to work with "text notes."


I was just thinking about upgrading to Premium, as I have come to use Evernote for more and more functions—only one of them being to handle various texts that I want to recall quickly. I was sure that I was doing something wrong when these texts, usually entered on my Mac, would lose their word wrap function on my iPad and iPhone. I had resolved that once I got this corrected I would commit to Premium and, accordingly, more usage of Evernote.


After a little research I see that this is a long standing bug, with complaints going back at least to 2011. The suggested workaround seems to be to confine oneself to notes where one has applied Format->Simply Formatting (hardly an acceptable long term solution), but even with this my notes occasionally "forget" the rule and fail to word wrap, ending up with single lines for each paragraph that flow far off the right edge of the screen on my iOS devices.


Is this really such a complicated issue that the developers cannot solve? Can't they at least can provide us with stable work-arounds and assurances of an ultimate fix?


Needless to say, I won't commit money to a team that can't prove to me that they are diligent in support and bug squashing.


I would be grateful for any responses (perhaps there is a workaround that I missed?), especially from someone on the Evernote team!

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I'm puzzled as to why you have difficulty with word wrapping. MOST of my text notes are created in the Evernote note editor on the desktop. When I view them on my iOS devices, the lines wrap perfectly fine for the screen size. This goes for bullets, regular old text, and so on (I never use tables so....). 


Now, text that I copy from other sources and text that has been clipped from the web is a bit of a different story. Often that text comes with a bunch of baggage, either in Microsoft Word formatting mumbojumbo, or HTML encoding. This stuff may not wrap or wrap as nicely as text I enter using the note editor. While this is understandable, it would be nice if scaling was handled better.


Are you noticing this wrapping problem with text/bullets that you enter using the desktop note editor?  

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Well, it is true that the vast majority of my notes are created by pasting text into the Mac desktop editor, and that may be the problem. But my problems with word wrap do not correspond one-to-one to this type of note. The word wrap bug seems quite erratic, and often does not appear until long after the note creation. (Most of my notes are not edited after creation--they are just viewed.)


I rarely use bullets, so their usage seems irrelevant to my problems.


If I want to copy and paste text from serious word processors and page layout programs (Word, InDesign, Quark Xpress, Pages, etc), what do you recommend to get them into Evernote? (Remember, it is Evernote that touted its quick note creation from the clipboard!)



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I suspect the word wrapping is you are having is because Evernote doesn't have any real margins like word processors do. When a word processor breaks a line it breaks because it hits the margin. If you copy that into a marginless world like Evernote, either the line will refuse to break because of some misinterpreted formatting coding that got copied along from the word processor that won't let it break. Or the line breaks wherever the window happens to arbitrarily end. 



I don't recommend pasting content from "serious word processors and page layout programs" into evernote if you want that formatting preserved. Evernote is not great at interpreting the myriad (potentially proprietary) ways these things may be encoded. I suspect if you copy/paste content between many of the programs you listed there, you'd also end up with some seriously wonky formatting! 


If you DO want that formatting preserved, I suggest attaching the .docx/.pages/.psd file to the note as an attachment. 

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To solve text wrapping issue:


1. Use Evernote app on Mac or Windows.

2. Go to the note that has text wrapping issue in the Mac or Windows app.

3. Select all text in the note, then "remove formatting" by right clicking your mouse and click "sync" when done (on Mac/Windows first, then on iOS). That should solve it the text wrap issue on the iOS.

4. If you don't like the Courier font that results after formatting has been removed, select all text again and right click on the mouse and select "simplify formatting" and then sync again. That shouldn't affect your corrected text wrapping issue on the iOS.

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This is a major problem if using Evernote mainly on iOS. Trying to copy an email from iOS Mail to Evernote results in text that will not word wrap and is thus virtually impossible to read with a long email.

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This is a major problem if using Evernote mainly on iOS. Trying to copy an email from iOS Mail to Evernote results in text that will not word wrap and is thus virtually impossible to read with a long email.

Is there a reason why you are unable to simply forward that email to your @evernote.com email address? 

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This is a major problem if using Evernote mainly on iOS. Trying to copy an email from iOS Mail to Evernote results in text that will not word wrap and is thus virtually impossible to read with a long email.

Is there a reason why you are unable to simply forward that email to your @evernote.com email address? 


The results is the same when I forward email to the Evernote email address. Even if I choose the "..." when viewing a note and select to "simplify formatting" or "make plain text" the note will still not wrap text reliably.

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I had the same problem, and have found an acceptable workaround - I use the desktop app for PC. When I am editing the note and I have evernote maximised to the screen display, the wrapping doesn't work, but when I simply resize the evernote screen and manually position it to fit my screen window, without maximisaiton it seems to solve the problem. Hope it helps someone.

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