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Altered behaviour: Copy Note Link


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When using the "Note > Copy Note Link" function Evernote used to produce a local evernote:// link which could be copied and pasted into any application.


This was great because it meant you could create a local link to an Evernote note in, say, a Word file, a mind map, and so on.  Clicking the hyper link would then bring up the note in a dedicated Evernote application window.


This behaviour has recently changed: now using this menu gives one a web-based hyperlink which links you through to the Evernote website.  Presumably helpful to some people, but useless to others, like me.  It was absolutely fantastic to have a local link which loaded in the Evernote application, rather than having to load a browser window and view the note through that.


Does anyone know if its possible to restore the old usage?


Just to note: I'm aware that using the "Note > Copy Note Link" and then pasting the result into an Evernote note still gives one a local link.  They are handling that clipboard content in a special fashion.




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