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Why must I delete evernote shorcut icon from windows startup every update/

Lancashire Lad

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This must have been asked many times before but I cannot find it anywhere, it maybe I am not thinking clearly as to how to search for it.


One of the most annoying features for me re this wonderful program is that every time you release an update (and boy, don't you like to release plenty of updates) the program shortcut icon which I have to drag from the Evernote folder into the Startup folder if I want Evernote to fully open as part of the computers start-up routine becomes useless. Each and every time you bring out an update I have to delete the previous icon and once more go back and drag the icon from Evernote folder into the Startup folder. This is frustrating and it seems a total waste of time! Firefox are forever updating their program ad nauseam too however I never have to replace the Firefox icon in my Startup folder and the same goes for the four other programmes which I have in there. The same applies if you tell Windows to add the program to the taskbar.

What is the cause of this annoying problem and can't it be fixed?

Whilst I am here can I ask a second question on my blackberry 9810 torch I have the Evernote app. I wish to copy some text within one of the notes so that I can then transfer this to another program. However, whichever combination of keys I try I cannot fathom out how to do this. Naturally I need some way to tell it to select text, then copy it, any ideas?

I am using Windows 7 64-bit and the desktop Evernote 5.3.1336

Thank you for your interest

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You should use the program options to have Evernote start with windows - not by placing a shortcut in the Startup folder. 


I believe it's in Preferences, General.


As for copying text, that's a Blackberry question, independent of Evernote. But, Google it?

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Thank you for your response. However if you tell it to open with windows it does not maximise the program it just remains in the background in your taskbar. I refer to some of my notes as soon as I start the pc so it makes sense to have ti open the program fully.


I had indeed googled it and couldn't find an answer hence the question, your right of course its not for here I just added it on the offchance.




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The setting is in Tools -> Options -> General -> Launch Evernote at Windows login


Even though it doesn't launch with the program visible, pressing your "Find in Evernote" hotkey (F5 for me) will bring the window to the front and place your cursor in the search bar ready to go.  Even though I use multiple monitors during the day I find that the Evernote window gets covered up by other program windows and I usually end up doing this many times a day to either just bring the Evernote window to the front, or to bring it to the front and start a search.


You might find using the Find in Evernote hotkey less of a hassle than having to drag the shortcut to the startup folder after every install.  Also, I'm not sure if you are on the beta train or not, but if you deselect Tools -> Options -> Update to pre-release version when available, then you will only see the fully released updates.

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The shortcut that is placed into All Programs->Evernote is not a regular shortcut, but what's called an "advertised" shortcut. It doesn't point to the Evernote.exe, but instead to the installer. When the software is updated, the shortcut is no longer valid because the installer it pointed to is no longer there.


If you want to create your own shortcut, navigate to Evernote.exe in your installation folder in the explorer (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote), right-click on it and select Copy. Then navigate to your Startup folder (typically C:\Users\<YourUsername>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup), right-click and select "Paste shortcut". This shortcut will not be affected by the updates.



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