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Problem enabling 2 step auth "Your code doesn't match what we're expecting."

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Dear support,


Im having problem trying to enable 2step authentication using code generated by my android google authenticator app.

  1. In Evernote website i started the 2step enable process > received email with code > used email code OK
  2. In next step I received SMS with code which worked also.
  3. Finally I scanned QR code with android google authenticator app, but all codes generated by android app when filled in Evernote 2step website page returns message>
  4. "Your code doesn't match what we're expecting."


FYI> Im using Google Authenticator android app for other things with no problems.


Can someone please suggest me what can I do to sort this problem ?

I really would like to enable 2step feature.

I'm also a Premium evernote user.


Here it is the screenshot of the error I got when I put in evernote website the code generated by android google authenticator:




Thank you,





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Dear Zen


I hope you put that in a support request (see below) as well,  because we here aren't support as such..


Thanks Gazumped,


I just created a support ticket.




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