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(Archived) Image text recognition requires a sync?

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I was very saddened to find out according to the info here that the text recognition done on images requires you to sync up to the server, where the actual work is done? I guess I don't understand why that would be as it seems to just add more load to your servers, and also requires people to publish notes to your servers period.

I'd love to use Evernote (and tell all my coworkers) however we work in the security world and not uploading data to your servers would be a requirement. I know we can setup local note databases (which is fine and good) but then we can't get the text recognition in images we capture?

Are there any plans to change this?

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Our imaging processing solution involves a set of different text processing software, some of it developed by Evernote R&D and others licensed from the best-of-breed vendors. This total mix is many times larger than either the Windows or Mac clients, and would be impractical to install and support on desktop machines for both technical and licensing reasons.

You can, however, put images in a normal (Synchronized) folder, wait for processing to complete, and then move the notes into a Local-only notebook. Once you do this (and sync one more time), we'll delete all references to the image on our servers.


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