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Importing EXCEL and Word 2010 files

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You can have up to 5mb of text (which is a lot of text!) per note.

Notes can be as big as:

25mb for FREE users

100mb for PREMIUM users. 


As long as your text is not greater than 5mb (again, this is a LOT of text!) or the file is not greater than 25/100mb you should be fine. 

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Scott is correct!

To import Excel or Word documents, you can simply "drag-n-drop" them into a Note.


Once they are in Evernote, you can actually edit them and save them directly back into Evernote.  It is very efficient for maintaining those type of documents if you return to them periodically.

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You might already know this, but just in case I wanted to point out that you will be making a copy of your original files. Any changes you make to this copy will *not* be reflected in the original.

Cheers. :-)

Is there a way to import Excel and Word 2010 documents from my home computer to Evernote? I know I can copy/paste, but what if the file is rather large?


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