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Feature idea: Clip content for a page through Evernote when adding URL

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The problem


I love to clip pages to my Evernote - it does a great job of bookmarking (i.e. capturing the url) and storing (capturing the page content, etc).


But I often just have a URL, if it's a link that someone sent me, or because I'm on iOS (the mobile clipper's are terrible)



The solution


I'd like to post a link in the url field in a note, and have Evernote itself grab the article rather than my browser.


This would be far more stable and would mean a better experience on iOS - I could just copy and paste the URL into Evernote and not worry about the browser/clipper again.



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So how do you get the URL?  If you go to the web page at all to check it out,  the clipper is a quicker and more effective way to grab the content.  If someone else sends you the link,  or you source it from emails or forum posts,  I'd still want to look at it first rather than be confronted with NSFW content when I least want it...


Still - up to the devs;  you've raised it,  so they can consider...

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