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Skitch Sync Issues

Phil Moore

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It is so frustrating to mark something up, to exit the note and to realise that your mark ups haven't been applied....


Am I doing something wrong?  I choose the image, Annotate this image. Then hit ESC to close the window, this usually creates the new image with markup.


More often than not I am finding that the image is not being marked up and you loose the mark up items.


Very annoying and yet another issue in my opinion that deems Evernote as not a stable product.  And when you doubt its stability and reliability, your as good as giving up.

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You may want to exit skitch and then restart. I had issues with skitch resolving syncs but stopping and restarting seems to work.


Are you saying that when I mark up the image for instance... Esc on Mac to exit the Annotation Mode, it hasn't sync'd my mark ups, I then restart Skitch?  Once I restart my markups will be there?


If so then that is not something I have tried.  It would be great if so...!  A workaround...


If not then it is a painful example of a flaw in reliability from a product (Evernote) that is meant to be clear of these errors and relies on smooth sync's

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Happened me again today... SO ANNOYING....


You find yourself marking something up slightly, exit to sync, it worked, go back in, mark up, sync to see if it is continuing to work.


Not how it should be used!


:angry:  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:

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I'm not an expert or anything. If I've annotated something (which is pretty convenient with cmd+shift +5 on my mac) then skitch seems to sometimes get stuck. It seems to be saved locally so when I exit and start skitch again it seems take the local file and try to upload it again.


Until it's sync'd a lot of options (like the little arrow that lets you send the photo using email, etc) is grayed out. After you've restarted and it syncs it seems to work again.


Not sure if this is the same thing you're experiencing. It would be nice if they could invest time in bug hunting and testing a bit more.

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