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Notes not showing on Windows but show on Android and Web


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Love Evernote! Been using it for sometime now! Looked through about a dozen threads to find a similar issue and couldn't.


Android and Web apps show fine. Windows software shows the note count at the end of 1 of the notebook titles (i.e. "Notebook Title (3)") but doesn't show the actual notes in the right hand side when you select the notebook (all the other notebooks I've tested seem to be working fine, this notebook is my default and is set to sync). Creating/editing notes in the notebook on Android or Web app doesn't make them appear on the Windows side. Creating/editing a note on the Windows side in that notebook does appear on the Android and Web side apps.


This has been working fine for months up until I noticed it today.




Thank you all in advance.

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Hi - this has been raised before in various permutations;  basically the Android is clearly syncing with the web because they share the same notes.  It appears there's something wrong with the desktop client however which is either not syncing,  or not displaying that notebook contents.


Just to check - please have a look on the desktop machine and right-click the problem notebook name.  Choose Properties.  Does it show as Type: Synchronised Notebook?


Look at your usage details too please - do you have plenty of upload allowance left in the current month?


Raise a support ticket (see below) if either of these aren't helpful - you may need more assistance!

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Thank mate for the response. :)


Yes, it is showing the type as a Synchronized Notebook and I do have plenty of upload allowance left for the current month. 


Strangely enough this morning I created a note on my way in to work and when I got to the office it was synced with the Windows Desktop side.


I will open a ticket. 

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I have noticed the same issue with the Windows client. I can see the notes on my iPhone, but not the windows client. It is not all notes, but it seems to happen with some notes that were added via email. If I move the affected notes on the iPhone to a different folder, the note count on windows syncs and reflects the notes in the new folder but doesn't show the notes.

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So this morning I came in and all notes are now showing. The only thing I can think of that I did was restart the computer (which restarted Evernote too I guess).


Problem solved for now.

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Old thread but perhaps someone come here looking for an answer.


Everything synced and worked fine but the list of notes were empty.

Somehow the View - Note List - Show Note List (F11) had gotten deactivated.

Activating it with F11 again solved the problem for me.

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