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backing up my evernotes

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The link was to your other post,  and my answer there was pretty much the same as the one you got here..  there are various posts on backup methods,  please have a search around to see what's available.  Generalised backups are pretty easy,  readable and editable backups (like having a duplicate,  usable database) less so.

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i'm using a mac.

not seeing any 'backup' info from your suggested link; what am i missing?

any other suggestions on how to create a backup of my evernotes?

kind thanks, vic


The thread Gaz linked to is another thread you posted in  & where he posted a valid reply to you.  He's linking to that b/c when you post the same thing in multiple threads, your answers are scattered across multiple threads. 


And please read post #2. 


There are many, many threads about how to backup.  Including threads on how to backup when you are using the Mac client.  Please use the search function. You are more likely to get specific help when you read existing threads on the topic & post specific questions that have not already been asked & answered (many times over).

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