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Evernote Upgrade on Android/iOS

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Hey there,


I'm a new poster, but have been using Evernote for 2 years.


So let's see how I can be brief here...


Issue: Readings PDFs on tablet + stuck with no notebook to take notes 


Relevance: Yes, you have Evernote to take notes but switching apps back and forth is not ideal (I don't like taking notes directly on PDF either)


Solution: You know how Facebook messenger was upgraded to have it pop up even when you using a different app? Well, that's what I think Evernote can do: have a little bubble so you can take notes while reading a PDF.



  • Is that function patented by Facebook?
  • May seem kinda useless on a small phone, but works better on tablet
  • What are the other difficulties in programming this?

Impact: Just easier note-taking, if that's what I believe Evernote is supposed to do. For those students or anybody else on the go, it can add some extra convenience. 


Whaddya think?

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Yes some way of taking text notes while viewing a PDF in Evernote for iOS would be really great. Currently I switch between Evernote and Drafts to write notes/paste quotes. I have an "action" in drafts that uses the first line as the note title, the second line is tags, and the rest are the note body, automatically filed to the appropriate notebook.

While Drafts is really slick, your proposed idea would really streamline the whole thing.

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