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(Archived) AppleScript: Set Tags of Existing Note?



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Is there some reason that you want to do this via AppleScript as opposed to from within Evernote itself? If you just want to do bulk additions of tags, the easiest way would be to highlight the selected notes within Evernote and then drag them onto the tag name in the sidebar that you want to add.

If you want to use AppleScript to add the tags as part of a larger script, just let me know what you're trying to achieve and I could try to give you some suggestions.

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Thanks for your response.

Firstly, I was not aware that I could drag a note to a tag, so that is helpful.

I could use that method, but I am trying to bring a lot of newly scanned hard data into Evernote so it would be really useful to establish a workflow to help.

I can change the title of a bunch of notes based on finding their contents, so it would seem logical that I should be able to assign a tag too - but the AppleScript dictionary does not appear to show this as a possibility.

I'm not a fan of GUI scripting, so I am not interested in that as an alternative.

Thanks again.

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Hi Bernard,

So which of these is more like what you want to do:

  • [*:2z2u3bg1]Select from a list of notes already inside Evernote, and
    [*:2z2u3bg1]Apply the same Tag to all of these notes (a.k.a., "Bulk Tagging")

Or..... :

  • [*:2z2u3bg1]Tag files on the way in to Evernote

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I haven't picked this back up yet as I've been working on some other scripts lately... However, the newer AppleScript additions *do* make this type of thing feasible.

I'm going to revisit this in the new year -- and if anyone has any suggestions towards how a script would be useful for re-tagging (e.g., instead of using the drag-and-drop method), I'd love to hear some use cases / ideas / etc.

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