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How to Import Papers (Mekentosj) Notes to Evernote?



Hi all,


I use Papers (i.e., the app Papers2 by Mekentosj) for reading, annotating, and making notes on papers. 


I use EverNote to organize all notes from papers and other sources.


One key functionality that I am missing (or do not know how to do it) is how to get notes from Papers into EverNote.


I have tried the File>Export>Notes function in Papers. However, all the export formats merge the different notes into a single note. If I drop the export file into EverNote, my 50 (or whatever) number of notes has become just one big note in EverNote. I cannot use it like this because the different notes present different thoughts that I would like to use in different contexts.


How can I make it that my 50 notes from Papers remain 50 notes in EverNote? (without copying one by one, of course)


Greatly appreciate your ideas / support!



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It sounds like you may have to go one at a time.... I have only spent a little time with papers (using Zotero full time now) so I don't have a ton of experience with it.

You may consider posting in a Papers community too!

I know they even with Zotero, to do something similar to what you want with papers, you have to export one at a time if you want SEPARATE files.

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Can you export to a csv format?  You might then be able to use a WP mail-merge function to generate separate 'letter' files that can be saved to a folder,  then do an Import Folder style conversion into Evernote notes.

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